Create a business

Have you identified an innovative technology or promising result? Do you want to start a business or be a part of creating a company to leverage your discovery?

We can assist you in forming your company. We get involved at the various stages of business creation to:

  • assist you with the procedures and interface with the other public and private stakeholders;
  • define the business plan by delimiting the know-how or patented technology that can be transferred;
  • consolidate the industrial property of the results achieved in the business plan;
  • formalise the transfer of technology with the company in the form of a research, licensing or licence option contract with suitable terms to facilitate the commencement of operations; and
  • put you in touch with seed funds to finance your project.

We give you advice on following the various legal provisions pertaining to innovation and research:

  • making the technology available in the company;
  • scientific cooperation with the possibility of share ownership in the company's capital; and
  • participation in the company's board of directors or supervisory board.


For more information : Réjane Le Tinévez, telephone +33 1 42 75 93 02,

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