Innovation success stories

Microbiology / Food

  • EMIL: an innovative process for cheese production Open or Close

    The 'EMIL' process, patented by INRA and licensed to CHR Hansen – one of the world leaders on the enzyme market – is an innovative process for preparing lactic cultures that improves the growth of bacteria and boosts their survival by a factor of 50 million after 4 weeks of preservation.

  • Yarrowia lipolytica: a highly effective yeast Open or Close

    This yeast is more effective than baker's yeast at producing proteins of various origins, either for the food industry, or for veterinary or human medicine. This yeast is well known on a technological level; it can be produced in high-density fermenters on inexpensive substrates. Original protein production systems have been developed and patented by INRA and licensed to many companies.

  • Bonolive© Open or Close

    INRA patent

    Licensed to Bioactor Patented by INRA for its protective effects on bone health, oleuropein – which is extracted from olives – is one of the essential ingredients in Bonolive, a product marketed by the firm Bioactor.

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Crop Productions

  • OGU-INRA and the creation of rapeseed hybrids Open or Close

    Technology patented by INRA

    45 companies licensed CMS

    The cytoplasmic male sterility technique patented by INRA in 1990 and known as OGU-INRA, paved the way for the development of rapeseed hybrids. The goal with rapeseed hybrids is to speed up genetic progress, ensure more regularity in production and improve agronomic characteristics, such as resistance to phoma and lodging and increased yields.


  • Optimize© Open or Close

    INRA patent

    Licensed to NOVOZYME

    The Myc and Nod factors marketed by Novozyme through its Optimize range significantly improve plant and root growth and boost yields in soybean, peanut and alfalfa crops.

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  • Carpovirusine Evo2© Open or Close

    Knowledge developed by INRA, the Organic Agriculture Research Group, the Ecole des Mines d'Ales and Arysta LifeScience

    Licensed to Arysta LifeScience Working with Arysta LifeScience, the Organic Agriculture Research Group and the Ecole des Mines d'Alès, INRA selected a viral isolate that can overcome resistance: CpGV-R5. Carpovirusine evo2© is an innovative formulation optimised to effectively combat codling moths in apples and pears.

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Bioprocesses / White Biotechnologies

  • SD2P Open or Close

    More than 20 companies licensed.

    Software registered by INRA, AgroCampus Ouest and LISA R&D

    This software makes it possible to determine accurately and in advance the parameters for spray drying milk powder. The software has been adapted for all types of food and non-food powders.

  • Eurodia/Oenodia: eco-friendly membrane processes Open or Close

    Continuing in the spirit of the fruitful INRA-EURODIA partnership working on the tartaric stabilization of wines using membrane electrodialysis, EURODIA now has exclusive rights to use a new technology based on bipolar membranes. This process, which can be applied to and used in conjunction with the traditional process, makes it possible to adjust the pH of wine and grape juice via acidification during production without introducing additives.

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  • OneLIFE© Open or Close

    INRA and REALCO have developed cleaning products that are sold under the brand OneLIFE. They are based on an enzymatic complex specifically designed to break down the biofilm matrix to release micro-organisms for optimal disinfection and sterilisation.

  • Ergenium© anaerobic digestion technology Open or Close

    INRA + Naskeo patent no. 16427

    Licensed to Naskeo

    Ergenium© is the innovative methanisation/biogas production process developed by INRA and Naskeo. It uses organic very high-load industrial waste and livestock manure to significantly increase yields from the degradation of organic matter.

  • Bonne Nouvelle© wines with reduced alcohol content Open or Close

    INRA process

    Licensed to UCCOAR

    In the 1980s, the partnership between INRA, the UCCOAR Group and the Arzens co-op distillery led to the invention of a dealcoholisation process that preserved a wine's organoleptic properties. The first French 'alcohol-free wine' was born. The first 'Bonne Nouvelle' wine was red, but the range now offers white, rosé and sparkling options made from different grape varieties to meet the demands of consumers in France and around the world looking to reduce their alcohol consumption.

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Animal Productions

  • INRA 96© and INRA Freeze© Open or Close

    Patents filed by INRA

    Licensed to IMV Technologies

    INRA 96 and INRA Freeze are mediums developed by INRA to preserve horse semen

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  • NOVIBAC© Myxo-RHD Open or Close

    INRA/Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse patent

    Licensed to MSD

    The NOVIBAC Myxo-RHD vaccine is the result of research work carried out at INRA and the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse. From the age of 5 weeks, it gives rabbits active immunisation to reduce mortality and clinical signs due to myxomatosis and to prevent mortality due to rabbit haemorrhagic disease. NOVIBAC Myco-RHD received approval to first be placed on the market in 2011.